Saturday, October 2, 2010

......And She Has A NAME!!!

After months of toil and trouble (yes I totally just used a Macbeth reference) I think I have finally decided on a name for little baby Zort. Big Johnny hates it, but really I don't care. Next time he drops a deuce he can name that, but guess what, everything that comes out of my body I have full reign over with naming! That includes turtles that are found outside roaming around and stray cats that come to my front door looking for milk. Now I'm just rambling, so without further ado please welcome Sunshine Anaiese Fayth!!!

A So far the dizziness has seemed to subsided, however day 4 and 5 with no Zofran were a huge FAIL! I ended up having to take one pill each day! I was and still am super bummed that I couldn't push my body with mind over matter. Its disappointing but tomorrow is another day! I WILL go without Zofran....or at least try!

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