Thursday, October 30, 2014

This is MY family

Life is kind of funny in a way. Sometimes the things you think will break you, don't and in actuality make you the person you are today. Its been over a year of being a single mom and those first few months I think were the hardest, I struggled I NEVER thought I could do it alone, but you know what? I CAN and I HAVE for over a year done it absolutely and completely alone. Has it been hard? Heck ya! Are there days that I feel like I just can't do it? Of course. But I push on and honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way. I ENJOY parenting alone. I ENJOY making decisions and not having to worry about arguing with someone over what I KNOW is right for my babies. I did as well worry about the effects on my children, growing up without a dad, because I know how it effected me. What I have learned is every child is different. My son could care less where is dad is and really doesn't even remember who he even is, although he suffers severe trauma from the mess he left behind. My daughter was a little broken for awhile, but just recently (FINALLY) stopped asking for him and shows no interest in wanting to be around him any longer. Just goes to show you that children are very resilient and DO forget. I'm thankful that my children are very young because they do not have many memories of him. I'm thankful that my one night mistake didn't damage them further. I'm thankful that they are forgetting. My hope, the memories never resurface and my children go on with their lives never having to remember the disaster our lives were before we left. As for me, I'm mended. That one mistake may have dented me, torn me up a little, but I'm much too strong to cling to HIS mistakes. I am and always will be TOO GOOD for him. He is trash and deserves trash and thats all he will have ever in his life. TRASH. Which is exactly what he has right now. A crappy life with a trashy person in a trashy run down house that he can't even maintain and none of his children. What kind of "man" is that? Not really one that you can call a man. But alas this blog isn't about him so I will cut it there. Life, what more do you have in store for me? What is the next step to take? Time will only tell...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Letting Go

feeling closed off
shut down and alone
with my thoughts
where suicide roams
my babies keep me centered
they keep me strong
they keep me going
thru it all
life is unjust
thats the damn truth
but i never knew quite how unjust
until i met YOU
my life wasnt easy
i was already broken
but the walls were up that you began to tare
all that i had already begun to repair
beaten and broken i already was that has clout
but your contribution made was significant no doubt
you blame it on others
its everyones fault
you arent to blame
youve done no wrong
in your mind this is the truth
you have made yourself believe
but you are delusional set the truth free
how can you look yourself in the mirror
after what youve done to me and these kids?
how can your mind not torment you
do you even have a conscience?
but all that you have done
God and our son sees
your actions will not go unpunished
He will judge you not me.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Circa 2007

Everytime I think Im just a little bit ahead you push me back three steps. Even though at this point we arent even together your aftermath continues to destory me. The only brightness that came from our relationship was our babies and you even managed to take one of them away from me. There are very few people in this world that I truly HATE but you are one of them. You have destroyed my life since 2007 and you continue to do so. I wish you would just GO AWAY!!!!!! I wish I had never met you. I wish I had a big ass eraser to erase all trace of you from my life. You arent even worth the hate I hold inside. Just fucking disappear.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Into The Looking Glass

I hate myself. For believing......for trusting....for feeling anything at all. I wanted so badly for you to be different. For them. For us. For everything. I let you in with your manipulative words. I let my guard down just to be hurt....again. Im used to it I tell myself but it still does not make it right. When will I ever learn? Its like Im 13 all over again. Trusting....naive. Just wanting the approval of some guy to fill the void my dad left. So what do I do? Let my guard down because hes different....he wont hurt you again.
No.....hes the same old person. But you were different. You built yourself up from the ground floor. Your self esteem was sky high. And in one night he destroyed your empire.
Stupid, stupid girl.
Stupid, stupid girl.
He continues to beat me down.
Stupid, stupid girl.
Stupid, stupid girl.
I hate myself.
Now I live in constant fear
Sleep evades me....Im destroyed.
Stupid, stupid girl.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


my mind goes in a million different directions. I awake in a cold sweat fighting off imaginary monsters - no one there. It's just me. Alone. The memories play over again in my head. I try to shake them away but they are always there. The evilness that corrupted our home was not from the other side, no, instead it came from within. HE was that evil. Thats why it followed us everywhere we went. I should have left, you dont have to tell me, I already know. I bent myself in ways I didn't know were possible to appease him. You say my words are lies. The truth can be found within my children. Their actions tell the story from the past, I don't have to speak a word. Or will you say my babies are lying too? My heart aches, my head a mess. I will never trust again. How could I? But all these things I do not show. Im told to be strong. To move on. To just be happy. So I put on a fake smile for the world.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The REAL Story

I haven't ever shared the REAL story of my little Johnny's loss, but I guess here is as good a place as any to share. This is the story in a nutshell. There is a lot of missing detail but honestly some of the details just hurt too much to share right now. I'm sure one day I'll be able to, just not right now.

I met big Johnny in the summer of 2007. The first time he hit me was December of 2007...well, not really hit me, he choked me. Same thing in my eyes. Anyway, I was shocked and stunned. This man who told me he loved me was....violent. I didn't understand. I started making excuses for his violence; it was because of something I said, something I did, I'll try to change myself. Then I got in the mindset of I'll try to change him. In April of 2008 Big Johnny and I moved in together. The violence continued. I continued to try to change him, self blame, you name it, I'm sure I used it as an excuse or justification of why it was happening/was OK to happen. On September 6, 2008 I found out I was pregnant. That morning Big Johnny choked me again, because I 'hid' his keys. I almost passed out. A few hours later, at work, I took a pregnancy test in which I discovered our pregnancy. I had an inclination before (obviously thats why I bought the test). I texted Big Johnny a picture of the test....his reply was "wow". He felt bad for a little while for being violent while I was pregnant (only because I was pregnant) but soon that feeling diminished and his violence began again. As a birthday present for Big Johnny, on January 28, 2009, I paid for and had a 3D ultrasound done. We found out that day our baby was a boy. The beginning of March I found out Big Johnny had been cheating on me for.... months. I had a severe panic attack and started contracting. When I went to the ER they calmed me down and told me baby was fine. Big Johnny promised he wouldn't cheat again but the violence got worse. He poured an entire bottle of water in my face as I was laying on my back. He bent my fingers back so far they almost broke. I constantly had bruises all over my body and the neighbors could hear me screaming. No one ever helped me. I felt incredibly alone although I never told anyone of how he really was behind closed doors. Everyone thought he was just the nicest guy ever. They really had no idea. On March 11, 2009, Big Johnny and I had a huge fight in which he pushed me up against the wall. My back hurt so badly but I was afraid to go to the ER. After that things just didn't "feel right" in my pregnancy. I felt sick and heavy. After three days of feeling this way I finally went to the ER. The nurses tried the dopplers and found no heart beat. They sent in an ultrasound tech who also couldn't find the heartbeat. My OB finally came in and confirmed that my baby was gone. My son was indeed DEAD. I had a c-section just a couple of hours later and on March 14, 2009 at 6:28PM my baby Johnny Giovanni was born into the arms of the Lord. I miss him with every fiber of my being. There is not a doubt in my mind that baby Johnny's demise was Big Johnny's doing. I know it in my heart. This picture is of my baby Johnny and the other is me holding baby Johnny's urn which is a teddy bear.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Heart Break

Yesterday I literally felt my heart break into a million pieces. I sat outside as my little Annie and Abel played and Abel became fussy. I tried picking up him, rocking him, singing to him, a snack, a drink, to play, etc he wanted nothing. He walked over to a stranger, crying. This man bent down to his eye level and asked him "whats wrong little man? don't you want to eat your cookie?" Abel muttered an inaudible reply. "Take a bite of your cookie, you'll feel better." Abel listened. "Isn't that good? Keep your head up little man, its gonna be alright." Abel calmed down turned around with a huge smile on his face and looked at me. Turned back to the man and gave him a high five.

All he wanted was positive attention from a male role model.

My heart continues to break.

I can be supermom, but I can't be a male. No matter how hard I try. He NEEDS a positive male role model in his life and as much as I've been dragging my feet on wanting to date again, I have to, for my kids because its quite apparent that their "father" does not want to nor have time to be a father to them. So now, I have the task of finding a worthy male as not only a companion for myself but a father figure for my children.

Single parent-dom blows.